Projects Galore!

I’m having fun exploring more of what I can do in and with the Beast Fables universe. There is another series in the works that’s in an early draft, there’s more online content for social and the like, and I’m playing around with game development. It’s too early to share anything definitive, but it’s nice to just play around with a new form of development.

Game development is something I’ve always wanted to try my hand at but couldn’t quite get past the barrier to entry. I see now that it was a problem of methodology: I have a specific way of working that is quick and effective for me, and a lot of the engines I tried over the years just didn’t fit. Anyways, I’m pretty excited that there might be a Beast Fables game in the future, because that would just be the perfect way to capture everything I love in life.

An early concept of Chauntilak in a dungeon.

Aside from that very awkward game development announcement, I’m also working on a graphic novel with a friend of mine that is completely unrelated to anything Beast Fables. I think that project is even further off, but it’s something I pick away at every day and will announce if it ever makes it to publication. I have about five other graphic projects on the go at any given time as well. Gotta work on that immortality potion to get it all done.