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New Online Course!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve launched a free course on Middle English beast fables!

Reynard persuades the crow to sing and drop the cheese he is holding, in Le Roman de Renart: Add MS 15229, f. 33r

The course goes over a little bit of historical context of what Middle English is, introduces beast fables as a narrative form, and then suggests a few readings in the original Middle English to tackle. There are not a lot of surviving beast narratives from medieval England, so it makes for the perfect short topic course. If you’re even remotely interested in the Middle Ages as a topic of study, or are just curious to hear what it sounded like, I think you’ll find the material really interesting.

There’s an added bonus that the material is going to help you understand the comic and what it is referencing too, so keep that in mind as a nice like perk. Oh, and it’s 100% FREE. I am committed to sharing knowledge about the Middle Ages and offering new opportunities to interact with these materials outside of a university.

You can sign up either at or using the card below. Enjoy!