Hello world!

Hello world! is a cliche beginning, but I like it. It’s the way that all programming tutorials start, and so seems like a fitting beginning for my latest project. As a programmer & artist, I’m always trying to bridge the gap between my two favourite disciplines, and a webcomic seems like a nice combination of the two.

Before I jump into it, I suppose I should mention that this isn’t my first comic, and is probably not my last. I illustrated an unknown series called Autosomna nearly 10 years ago, which unfortunately met its creative end at the hands of “no story” (I don’t blame the writer one bit though – writing is difficult, cohesive stories even more so). I have avoided a repeat of this with a very simple tactic: Each Beast Fables arc is already written. That’s right. I’ve already written the entirety of Sir Reynard and the Green Rooster, and have started the next arc (no spoilers!).

So, you can expect this comic to have one complete story, start to finish. And, when you’re done that, I will hopefully have the next arc ready to go. It’s a little weird to be working almost a year in advance, but I think everyone (including myself) will appreciate knowing that there’s an end.