Watershed Moment

Beast Fables - Comic 23 - Chauntilak refuses to explain how he survived

And isn’t trying to cook someone just the highest form of flattery?

Medieval Moment: In Chaucer’s The Nun’s Priest’s Tale we get to see Chaunticleer (the similarly named rooster) dupe Reynard (the similarly named fox). At the end of the tale, Chaunticleer is trapped in the jaws of Reynard, who attempts to escape with his prize. Not one to become a quick dinner, Chauticleer convinces Reynard to taunt his pursuers to give up the chase. At the moment Reynard opens his jaws, Chaunticleer escapes into a nearby tree and berates Reynard for a good while before, I assume, returning to his nest to rub his sore neck.