The Big Reveal!

Beast Fables - Comic 21 - Chaunti learns a little bit of humility

Medieval Moment: Magic items are a common trope in Medieval Romances, and serve all kinds of plot-bending purposes to make sure our heroes achieve what they set out to do. My favourite example is in Sir Eglamour of Artois. Eglamour is given a ring that, while he wears it, “þou sall neuir be slayne” — i.e. you shall never be slain. Like Chekhov’s Gun, that ring comes back later to save the life of his son, whom Eglamour nearly kills in a tournament (it’s a long story). In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the green knight wears a magic girdle that protects him from harm. Pretty useful plot devices, I’ve gotta say.

So, you probably could see this coming. There was no way Chauntilak wasn’t going to make it out of that alive. But hey, what a JOURNEY. That was such an emotional roller coaster. Heck, I cried 7 or 8 times and I knew the outcome. You’re so lucky to experience it fresh! 😉