Medieval Cosmo

Beast Fables 1 - Thorn talks about all of the cool knights out on adventure.

I don’t know how you found me, or why you find this even remotely interesting, but I’m honoured. Please keep reading. I promise that it will only get better. And now, for the good stuff…what you came here for…LEARNING:

Medieval Moment: Manuscripts often circulated between noble houses and travelling entertainers in the Middle Ages either as full collected volumes or as smaller, lightly bound quires or pages. We see evidence of this circulation in a few Romances (stories about knights), which appear to have been copied into private collections as they travelled around. A good example of this is the Lincoln Thornton Manuscript’s copy of Sir Eglamour of Artois.

I like to imagine circulating manuscripts kind of like modern magazines. Sure, it wasn’t all gossip, but who doesn’t want to hear the latest steamy tale about knights galloping about the countryside, being all chivalrous and stuff? That’s some good smut right there.