Beast Fables - Comic 44 - Pertelote visits her new house guest

Medieval Moment: In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, there are three ‘bedroom scenes’ where Gawain is lazing about in his room, after being excluded from going hunting with Bertilak, and is visited by Bertilak’s wife. Gawain and Lady Bertilak talk, exchange courtesies, and kiss a couple of times, before she finally gives Gawain the McGuffin he needs to succeed in his quest. The hilarious undertone to all of these exchanges is that Bertilak and Gawain have struck a deal, and each will give the other what they’ve earned while ‘hunting’. Gawain gets a lot of animal pelts and Bertilak gets a lot of kisses and, well, if Gawain had gone a step further with Lady Bertilak he might have scored with Bertilak. Tough luck, buddy.

I too would be afraid of chickens on the prowl.