Illicit Stash

Beast Fables - Comic 55 - Chauntilak takes the opportunity to dig into his box of secrets

Now, I know that most hidden under-the-bed boxes are filled with smut, but get your mind out of the gutter! The only smut in this comic is the kind that ruins your crops.

Medieval Moment: …or maybe a nun showing an ankle.

Hardly! It’s a common misconception that people in the Middle Ages were prudes, which is funny to anyone that studies the period because they most definitely were not. Raunchy sex jokes are all over the place, and a lot of their dubious science involved orgasms. Here’s a scene from Chaucer’s “The Miller’s Tale” to cure you of that notion (also, fun fact, this is where the phrase ‘kiss my ass’ comes from):
Dark was the night as pitch, or as the coal,
And at the window out she put her hole,
And Absolon, to him it happened no better nor worse,
But with his mouth he kissed her naked ass
With great relish, before he was aware of this.
Back he jumped, and thought it was amiss,
For well he knew a woman has no beard.
He felt a thing all rough and long haired,
And said, “Fie! alas! what have I done?”
“Tehee!” said she, and clapped the window to,
And Absolon goes forth walking sadly.