Rey is our reluctant hero on these quests and, wow, isn’t she just the most long-suffering knight you’ve ever met? Rey is a fox (of course) and is named after her foxy counterparts in Medieval literature. I should note that the Reynard of the middle ages is clever, assertive, and just a little bit mean. My Rey is none of these things, which is for the best because that opens up Gawreyn (her brother) to be a total prick.

Lineage: Granddaughter of Reynard and Hermeline of Maleperduys.
Favourite Dish: Roasted carrots with honey and thyme.


Chauntilak is the happy-go-lucky antagonist to Rey. When he’s not playing tricks as a fowl version of Bertilak (get it? puns!), he’s generally being a goof and making friends with whomever he meets. Chauntilak is cleverer than he looks, and those that underestimate him do so at their own peril.

Lineage: Grandson of Chaunticleer and Pertelote I of Lokeren.
Preferred Past-time: Acting indignant.


All of what you’re reading? Yea, that’s Thorn. He’s the best scribe/author/nut-hider in the whole western half of lower England, and just as cute as a, well, squirrel. Don’t let those fluffy red tufts on his ears deceive you, though. He’s a quick-witted one and will write sharp rebukes with his quill to put you in your place. He’s also Rey’s loyal squire, and treats her like a saint.

Lineage: Unknown. Possible nephew to Robert, Gentle Squirrel of Yorkshire.
Publications: Thornton Manuscript (Lincoln, Cathedral Library MS 91)