Beast Fables is a collection of short stories that follows Rey (short for Reynard) and Thorn on their various knightly quests in the Middle Ages. A medieval beast fable was often an allegorical tale where animals would discuss the finer points of court, the trials of a loud neighbour, and even the problems of eating before bed. These were moral stories that shared a thing or two about leading a virtuous life. This is not that kind of comic. I’ve mixed up these animals up with all kinds of medievalisms, like Romances (knight’s tales), and modern concerns to give you something wholly different.

Release Schedule

Before you start reading, you should know that each collection is written before it is posted, so you can come back and be confident that you’re going to get a comic and a satisfying conclusion. How great is that?

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This comic does borrow A LOT from the Middle Ages, specifically medieval England, and I try to provide some context for each comic in the form of a Medieval Moment. If you find anything that’s completely and utterly wrong (I’m looking at you, medievalists) then let me know! Oh, and don’t worry about anachronisms; these are animals, after all, and they’re allowed a little leniency.