A Blast from the Past

As I prepare to release the second arc, I’ve been thinking back to the time before Beast Fables. In 2010, I wrote and launched a short-lived comic called Errant Em (you might see that name pop up again in a new project ;). Errant Em followed a knight errant, Em, turned detective who was working to uncover the mystery of the missing girdle. The comic featured the earliest form of Chauntilak, in all his indignant glory, and led to many of the same story points I used to kick off Sir Reynard and the Green Rooster.

Look familiar?

I even had an earlier version of Rey, who played a supporting role to Chaunti and Em’s ridiculous adventures.

Reynard still using those disguises.

Both Beast Fables and Errant Em shared their source with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, but tackled the material in very different ways. I haven’t fully given up on the idea of a medieval detective story, which I think could still be pretty funny and delightful, but the original really didn’t have enough legs to see it through to a satisfying conclusion.

Rey has come a long way. Loving that watercolour!

Not that I’m dwelling on the past! I’m very happy where Beast Fables is going and excited to reveal the next part of the story. This just serves as a friendly reminder that some projects will morph into new things over time and that’s ok. Nothing you’ve written/drawn/worked on is truly gone and forgotten—it might just take on a form that you don’t expect.

Until next time, Be(a)sties!

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