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Bear Grease

I’m not exactly sure what bear grease is, but I doubt those bears gave it up easily.

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Beast Fables is a comic series that follows Rey and Thorn on their adventures in the Middle Ages. This comic borrows heavily from medieval tropes, themes, and conventions that should delight your average medievalist and be entertaining to everyone! Each collection/arc is based on one Medieval Romance, most of which are just rife with satire potential, and begins (as all good literature does) in Arthur’s court.

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(it rhymes!)

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  • An homage to Calvin & Hobbes
    With the end of Sir Reynard and the Green Rooster comes the end of a project that I started nearly 3 years ago (2019). I had one goal in mind at the time: to try to capture some of the delight I got from reading Calvin & Hobbes. I’m not sure if I succeeded or not but, like Calvin’s attempts to foil the babysitter, I am […]